The Gigabit -- 5" Playfield LCD for Stern SAM Pinball System


  • $350.00

5 inch playfield LCD for Stern SAM pinball System games.



Product includes:

  • 5 inch LCD for Playfield
  • Wiring Harness for Stern SAM integration
  • SAM Serial Interface
  • RaspberryPi 3
  • SD Card (with customized image)
  • USB stick (with creative commons videos and program)
  • monitor extension cable
  • power adapter
  • 3d printed Pi mount

 Optional: If you have an LED ColorDMD installed in your system you will need to run the 12v optional harness so that they do not conflict with each other.  The LCD verison of the ColorDMD does not have this issue.  Add $10 for this option.


Installation Documentation (UPDATED: 1/7/2018)