The Gigabit -- 27" Backbox LCD for the SAM Pinball System


  • $699.00

 BUILT TO ORDER: Expect a delay in shipping.  Parts are printed and sourced on demand for orders.  Expected delivery between 2-3 weeks. 


Product includes:

  • 27 inch 1080p High Def LED Monitor
  • HDMI Cable
  • Backboard panel with LED strip for Translite
  • Hardware Kit for Mounting
  • Anti-light bleed stripping
  • Wiring Harness for Stern SAM integration
  • SAM Serial Interface
  • RaspberryPi 3
  • SD Card (with customized image)
  • USB stick (with creative commons videos and application)
  • Pi power adapter with accessory molex adapter
  • 3d printed Pi mount and monitor mount

WARNING: If you have the LCD version of a ColorDMD installed in your system this will not work.

This does not come with a Translite for your pinball machine.  You will need to find a source to have that printed.


Installation Documentation (UPDATED: 1/7/2018)